Free Agency!

No time to blog tonight. Live from Transformers at The Rave. Heres the quick rundown of who I hope the Kings show some interest tomorrow morning. We need a top-6 LW and a bottom-6 rw.

Left wing. 1. Fleischmann 2. Gagne 3. Connolly 4. Sullivan 5. Brunette

Right Wing 1. Ward 2. Upshall 3. Cole 4. Langenbrunner 5. D’Agostini

More comments to come tomorrow.

Hypothetically Speaking…

After finishing up my player reviews on Matt Greene and Jack Johnson…it got me thinking…Now, that the Kings have developed some NHL talent in their minor league system. 

All things equal…which trio fits the Kings roster better…

Jarret Stoll, Matt Greene, Jack Johnson


Eric Belanger, Tim Gleason, Lubomir Visnovsky

Just to be clear…I make that trade for Jack Johnson 100 out of 100 times…

I Blame Mr. Mills #10

To the obnoxious Kings fan sitting in Section 110 Row 7 wearing the Kings Jersey customized MILLS #10 sitting directly behind me…I blame you for the Kings loss tonight.  You ruined my evening.

When the Kings started out poorly; you and your buddy decided to point out every flaw and complain about every shift instead of root them on.  5 minutes into the game; you threatened to take your business to the Palm Restaurant (but unfortunately, you stayed for the entire game). 

When the Kings played well in second and third period, you and your buddy decided to get into a deep discussion on why surfers and skateboarders can’t hit a baseball or throw a basketball? Didn’t even want to stand and celebrate with the other 18,000 fans cheering their heads off when we scored…

Your buddy claiming to be a Kopitar fan asked if he was more of an enforcer or scorer?  Come on Mr. Mills.  Really?  Please go support a team like the Sparks but stay away from our Kings.

Thank you.

Don’t Put It All On Drew

People are throwing Doughty under the bus for putting the Kings in that 4 on 4 situation after mixing it up with Scott Nichol. I was pissed too but after reading Helene Elliot’s article…Nichol sawed off two of Doughty’s front teeth. If it’s not Doughty standing up for himself than somebody else does…Can’t just let that go.

No Need To Panic

The Habs came back against the Caps last year after falling behind in their series 3-1. It can be done. The Habs were outscored 11-4 in Games 3 & 4 then won two of the next three games 2-1. That’s what we gotta do. Keep the scores low and grind these games out.

Your Los Angeles Kings!…

Let’s Go Kings.

Let’s Go Kings.

Steve McKenna back with the Kings for Game 4.

Steve McKenna back with the Kings for Game 4.

TM…Why do you hate Oscar so much? Get this man in the lineup before it’s too late!

TM…Why do you hate Oscar so much? Get this man in the lineup before it’s too late!